"We have managed to deliver improved safety performance through a period of significant change in our company in Aberdeen. Optimus have challenged our thinking and helped us to lead through our values around care and safety. We have transformed our safety performance from the lower quartile to a level of excellence over the last 20 months and we have seen corresponding performance improvements in non-safety areas such as plant uptime."

"Sustainability has been brought about through the Optimus invention approach of transferring capability into our organisation and equipting our team with new skills and methods for getting the best out of people - they are real enablers of change and performance improvement."

Major North Sea Operator

"There has been a big improvement in behaviours on the site since the Optimus coaches started operating. The 1:1 communications have been really beneficial. The Optimus Coaches have done a really good job of breaking down barriers on this site."

Major EPCM Construction Manager

"There have been tangible improvements, apparent in the way supervisors are interacting ad communicating with each other and with their teams. There seems to be a more positive atmosphere."

Construction Project Manager

"One-on-one session with a Project Manager was positive. He reflected on the positive changes he has experienced personally as a result of the Coaching and gave examples of the improved attitudes within his teams."

Project Manager

"I like the structure of Small Group Sessions followed by the 1:1 coaching sessions. I would use this approach on another site"

Senior Construction Manager

"The Optimus people were of the highest calibre…the "coach and assist" style used enabled potentially complex situations to be addressed in a positive manner, and also demonstrated a genuine concern for peoples safety."

Senior Projects Advisor, Major Operator

"Our guiding principle of ZERO harm was put into context in an original fashion by Optimus. I am confident that all attendants left the room believing in it. In the next few days, the feedback I received was overwhelming. I was left in no doubt that we achieved something that people felt was worthwhile."

"Several of the employees mentioned that what they had learned could and would be extended beyond their workplace into their home and family life. That's a huge testament to what was achieved."

Project Manager

"The coaching for safety course was brilliant and totally enlightening for me - I'm continually applying it in meetings with my people."

Facilities Team Leader, Offshore Gas Operator

"The feedback from the contract teams has been very positive; people enjoyed the sessions and, in some cases, this new and inclusive approach helped people to realise the personal importance to them and their work colleagues. this is a model that we will be adopting, and further enhancing, for the future."

Turnaround Leader speaking about Induction Plus™

"Over the last year and a half we have seen positive cultural changes and have a clear vision of where we sit culturally after the OCI survey was undertaken. The passion in the leadership team onsite and collaborative working with the Optimus coaches has created a strong team ethos that constantly strives to improve its safety performance: "A collaborative adventure that has left a foundation to be built from that will take us into the next dimension of cultural values."

Yard Manager

"Nearing the end of a lengthy contract but faced with a month of non-routine and high risk activity, we knew that we needed to take additional steps to ensure that our "safety tools" were being used correctly and effectively, but we weren't sure what the additional step looked like. Our Client Manager at Optimus, Paula Paterson assessed and was able to visualize our situation and she then guided us in the right direction towards a plan which was executed within a matter of 3 days using an Optimus provided resource. Our proposal was sumbitted to, and welcomed by our customer, and thus far the results are most encouraging"

Vice President, Offshore Drilling Company