Benefits of eLearning Qualifications

  • Learning is self-paced. Speed up or slow down your study as necessary.
  • Learning is self-directed. Choose the content and tools that best suits your learning needs.
  • The course incorporates different delivery methods, including video and audio. Choose the content and tools that best suits your learning needs.
  • 24/7 accessibility to your course. If you can access the Internet, you can access your course. Study anytime, anywhere.
  • Learning is self-scheduled. You have the ability to incorporate study time into your daily life.
  • Online learning does not require physical attendance.

One of the main benefits of eLearning is that you have control over what to study and when. You have the flexibility to study in the order that best suits you, and at the pace of your choice.

The courses are designed to stimulate all modes of learning, incorporating text, videos, photographs and diagrams as well as offering additional study aids to ensure as much information as possible is retained. To actively engage students, multi-choice questions, self assessment tests, mock exams and other inter-active quizzes are included, allowing students to gauge their progress.

Just because you are undertaking an eLearning course does not mean you are alone in your study. Tutors for each course are easily contactable via telephone, online chat or email and other students are only a message away on the forums. The forums are a meeting ground for all students and tutors to discuss ideas, questions and study methods in a quick and efficient manner.

Benefits For the IndividualBenefits For the Employer
Being able to show that you are competent in your work and able to demonstrate the knowledge and skill required to perform at the recognised occupational standard. Value for money; access to the courses is unlimited during the study period, allowing students to study 24 hours a day 7 days a week, giving student's maximum opportunity to absorb the course material.
Further your professional development and increase your career prospects by developing transferable skills recognised and valued by employers universally. The course is accessible from any PC with internet access allowing study in the workplace or from home, minimising disruption and downtime to business.
Improve your job satisfaction, confidence and drive to succeed in your occupation. Increased staff productivity, efficiency, and performance.
A flexible way of gaining a recognised and respected qualification, with no requirement to have already completed other formal qualifications. Increased motivation and job satisfaction for employees.
Recognised route to professional memberships with globally recognised professional institutes. Students can start the qualification at their capability level, and no prior qualifications are required.
Examinations are available globally. Due to the flexibility of SHEilds eLearning students are not fixed to a specific examination date, examination dates can be selected when a student feels confident. Ensuring staff are working to up-to-date standards and best practices within their field enables employees to gain well recognised and respected qualifications, with no requirement to have already completed other formal qualifications.
Globally recognised qualifications can give you an advantage in the workplace for promotion and job security. Demonstrates a commitment to quality and continuous improvement.
  When employees have globally recognised qualifications, this can help when tendering for contracts with some organisations, and help towards quality standards.